Emergency Homeschooling through COVID Resources

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is offering resources to help families navigate their children’s education through this pandemic. On this page you’ll find links to our recommendations for utilizing the time in the interim between school closures and resources for getting started if homeschooling through the end of the year (or longer) might be beneficial for your family.

Each school district should be providing students with educational materials to use in the interim. Governor Newsom has declared there will be no testing this year, so parents don’t have to worry about teaching to the test, they just need to ensure that their children are continuing their education to the best of their ability.

While we do not currently vet homeschool curriculum or offer official curriculum recommendations, many responsible homeschooling families have said good things about Calvert.

Online Learning & Educational Resources:

The following organizations are not affiliated with CRHE, the links provided are for informational purposes and do not serve as a general endorsement of those organizations.

Khan academy
Education Place
CA Distance Learning Resources
CA Open Library
CA Online Library
Scholastic Learn At Home
Learn In Color
Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Racist Homeschool Curriculum & Resources
Virtual Field Trips
Emergency Homeschooling Tips from another Homeschooling Parent
Washington State Educational Resources for Parents

CA Centered Resources & Experiences:


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