AB2756 Debrief

April 27, 2018
On Wednesday I went to Sacramento and met with all the staff of the Assembly Members on the Education Committee, as well as Medina and Eggman’s offices before the committee hearing. While I was going around a line was already starting to form for the meeting, and by the time I got to speak, the line had wrapped itself twice around the 4th floor and people were still coming.

Hundreds if not thousands of homeschoolers showed up in opposition, there was over 3 hours of public comment from families in opposition, and I was the only person on the floor in support. Reports are saying that the bill is killed and died in committee and claiming it as a victory for homeschoolers in CA. However, there was no vote taken, nor was there a quorum which means that ultimately, nothing happened. This bill is still floating around in the ether of the committee, sorta like being in limbo, it can be brought back for a vote, though it is unlikely to be.

Every office that I went to was really relieved to know that we exist and that there are people (alumni even) who support accountability for home education. Medina and Eggman’s offices are interested in working with CRHE in the future and the fight is definitely not over yet. What we have right now is time and some cover.

The homeschool families were vitriolic and aggressive, they don’t have much in the way of good standing in Sacramento, they’re just feared. We are the voice of reason here, and our voice as alumni has weight.

I didn’t expect the bill to get through, especially after seeing how many homeschoolers were there in opposition. My goal really, was to show legislators in Sacramento that there are people who support this and want to work together. Medina and Eggman are very excited about our existence and that we showed up this week. The bill is quiet for now and we have a lot of work ahead of us, but the legislature is largely on our side ideologically, we just need to give them cover.